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Hi! I'm Kirsty.

20. Engaged to the love of my life. I live in a small town in Suffolk, in rainy England.
8 hour time difference and 5000+ miles between my love and I.
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"Distance between two hearts is not an obstacle; rather a beautiful reminder of just how strong true love can be."
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I miss you. Thank you to the Air Force for bringing us together yet pulling us apart at the same time. Sending love from the United States to Korea.

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I am too obsessed with these ripped jeans..


Posting more pictures from spending Fourth of July on Kai’s ship because I can and I love them! But most of all I love the man in the pictures. 💙

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This was when Ryan graduated Boot Camp. In one of his letters he explained one day when they were running/hiking he saw the ocean. He had never been to the ocean before. When he was running this was something that was nice and something good even when he was doing something difficult. I love this picture of us because in that moment we were just peacefully sitting there talking about everything it was us just finally hearing each others voice knowing he was coming home with me that night. It was one of the best moments of my life<3

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Five facts!

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1) Milky tea is my ultimate vice. I drink way too much tea.

2) I broke one of my front teeth in half when I was 9 years old. I was giving my little cousin a piggyback ride and I fell on a concrete path. I now have a veneer to replace it.

3) I have a Peter Pan tattoo.

4) I’m fascinated with criminals and their lives in prison. 

5) Peonies are my favourite flowers.

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Dear you,
Anonymous whispered: Advice on long distance relationships?


Never stop. Even when it’s 2AM and you have to work the next day. Even if your conversation is going no where. Even if she’s mad at you, or just not talking at all. You stay. And you love her unconditionally. Never take the little moments for granted. When she wears her hair up in a messy bun with make up smeared down her face because she slept in it, or even if she’s wearing no make up at all, you kiss that angel face and love her. When you fail to say the right words, show her what you’re trying to say. Tell her every night that she’s beautiful. Let her know she’s loved and that you’re proud. And even if she’s tired of hearing it, keep telling her. You’ll never be perfect and you’ll have really good and bad days. But I can tell you now, it’s worth every second together. Never stop.

May I ask you all to keep my Grandmas sister in your thoughts and prayers. She’s been suffering from many tumours on a few of her major organs and she has been too weak and frail to undergo any surgery. All that can be done is keep her comfortable and sadly wait for the end to come. She desperately wants to go and we all want her to pass away quickly and painlessly. She’s endured this suffering long enough now. We’re just praying for her passing to be soon and peaceful.

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